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Custom Drapery in Chicago


Client : Restaurant Jolly Inn

6501 W Irving Park Rd . Chicago, IL 60634
Tel: (773) 736-7606
Fax: (773) 736-7678

Work done : Renovation of restaurant, tile installation, painting

Client: Rich's Foods & Liquors

4747 N Harlem Ave, Harwood Heights, IL 60706
(708) 867-6663

Work done : Finishing and remodeling of multiple residences, finishing and remodeling of multiple stores.

Client: The Real Polish Yellow Pages


Work done : Interior work on the new office. Interior work on owner's residence.

Client: Magie Sobczak

630 Arlene, Wood Dalle, IL 60191

Work done : Remodeling of basement and bathroom

Client: Karoline Kala

3537 N Normandy, Chicago IL 60634

Work done : Remodeling of kitchen and bathroom

About Company

FRED Construction Inc. is a professional interior remodeling and finishing company from Chicago.:

FRED Construction is honored to serve Naperville, Illinois! Since 1987 our dedicated professionals have been offering stellar remodeling services to the Naperville, IL area and we look forward to another forty years of doing the same. Through economic hardship and economic boom, we’ve stood strong because of our attention to detail and dedication to Naperville clients. Over the years we’ve had the pleasure of servicing hundreds of satisfied homeowners. Their satisfaction is our reputation. By contacting us you are demonstrating your dedication to beautifying your Naperville residence. Regardless of your interior home situation, our team will be able to provide you the best interior remodeling services available in the market today. You will love the outcome, guaranteed. That’s because each of our professionals consults with you on a personal basis to figure out the best way to remodel any aspect of your home, making sure it’s done right so that you’ll enjoy it for decades to come. Check out some of the services we offer:
  • Naperville Bathroom Remodeling
    A beautiful home is nothing without a beautiful bathroom. Your bathroom is your thinking place; you’re a lone time, your sanctuary. Let us make you the bathroom of your dreams.
  • Naperville Kitchen Remodeling
    If home is where the heart is, then the kitchen is where the soul is. Make sure your kitchen is not only beautiful, but also highly functional. We’ll make sure you love your kitchen again!
  • Naperville Basement Remodeling
    Don’t be like those people that just use their basement as a giant storage bin. Let us create your ideal add-on. Whether it is a rec-room, man cave or a girl’s-night-out haven you want, we can do it.
  • Naperville Custom Painting
    It can be a hassle to paint the interior of your home. Paint leaks, uneven layering and more can really spoil the look of any room. Let us work with you to figure out the perfect color and paint your home right to tie together any room.
For Naperville remodeling services, contact FRED Construction and get it done right, on time, every time.

FRED construction operates in Chicago and Chicago suburbs since 1987. Great reputation and specialization in interior works keeps us busy even in bad times and allows us to acquire large scale projects.

We have done hundreds of residential and commercial projects ranging from rehab of large mansions and finishing vast commercial spaces to small bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects.

With the broad experience in remodeling works of any kind and excellent track of customer satisfaction our company is an excellent choice for creating the space you will love in range of your budget.

Feel free to contact our former clients to get feedback from them on how great our company is. We guarantee superior craftsmanship throughout and your satisfaction.

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