Ernesto Schwartz

I was not aware that there was a company that would provide such high quality home remodeling services for reasonable prices in Chicago. FRED’s specialists make home remodeling an easy and enjoyable task. They are the best in their craft.

Edith Boyd

I was looking for most experienced remodeling contractors in Chicago. I was not willing to hire someone lacking the necessary knowledge. FRED is the best choice you can make if you wish to have your home’s look upgraded.

Sonja Lee

I was looking to find a new style for my house. Firstly, I tried to do it by myself, but it was really difficult. Then I found FRED, a home remodeling company in Chicago. They were more than happy to provide me with the advice how to best remodel my home. I really recommend them to anyone looking to remodel their bathroom, kitchen or even a basement.

Lucy Buchanan

Great crew who knows how to do their job properly. They made my bathroom look simply amazing. Their prices are more than reasonable considering the quality of their services.

Cheryl Montgomery

I recommend this company for any home remodeling project. I hired FRED to remodel my  kitchen and bathroom and I am impressed with their work. I was afraid that remodeling the bathroom would be difficult due to its small size, but I was wrong – FRED’s remodeling contractors had no problem finishing the job.

Hilda Reyes

I am glad that I found this company! I wanted to remodel my entire house, but I had trouble finding a single company to do the entire remodeling. I had a certain vision of my dream home  and FRED’s contractors were able to bring it to life.

Cory Collier

FRED employs only great contractors – both experienced and efficient. They are very precise and hardworking. They will easily meet your expectations for professional home remodeling contractors.

Lorenzo Conner

I hired them for my kitchen remodeling – the walls and floors were in terrible condition. Fortunately, FRED’s staff did an amazing job. Now I can enjoy new tiles in my kitchen and the restored walls look gorgeous. The entire kitchen looks so amazing that it is a pleasure spending time cooking inside of it.

Max Foster

I bought an old house and remodeling it was necessary before I could even move in.  Hiring FRED for my home remodeling needs was the correct choice. They did a great job. I really appreciate their helpful attitude and the knowledge they possess regarding home remodeling.

Randal Caldwell

I have been looking for a company that could remodel my bathroom in an efficient and timely manner. Fortunately, my friend recommended that I hire FRED – a home remodeling company from Chicago. Because I listened to him, now I can enjoy my new bathroom.

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