Essie Saunders

I hired this company to remodel my kitchen. I had certain  expectations regarding how it should be done and I am more than happy to say that FRED’s team did not disappoint me. They exceed expectations both regarding the quality of their service and the time it took to finish the job.

Tamara Oliver

Professional home remodeling contractors with plentiful experience and the ability to make the client’s wishes come true. After they finished their job, my home was looking marvelous. I am truly grateful for their professional services.

Kent Chapman

I have been dreaming of changing the tiles in my bathroom for a while now. I asked FRED’s contractors if they could install the specific tiles I had in mind and they did that for me. My bathroom looks now just like in my dreams and I have FRED’s contractors to thank for that.

Sharon Fleming

They helped me a lot. After they  remodeled my home, I can say that I live in the house of my dreams now. The kitchen is so much more spacious and the bathroom looks so bright and comfortable –  it is a perfect place for relaxing! Moreover, the price of the whole remodeling was very fair, especially considering the amazing quality of their services.

Rachael Riley

The job was competently done. Prices were reasonable and their contractors very professional. If I ever need such remodeling services in future, I will hire them once again.

Irma Gardner

Great remodeling services! I wanted my kitchen and dining room to be done in a certain style, but I was not sure how to do that. Luckily, FRED’s remodeling contractors are very experienced so they knew just what to do to make my vision for kitchen and dining room into a reality. They helped me with my project and completed the job very quickly. Definitely worth hiring if you need some home remodeling done in Chicago.

Sally Banks

There are many home remodeling contractors in Chicago – that’s for sure. But not many are as devoted to their job as the contractors employed by FRED. They are very diligent and make sure to take into account the customer’s wishes. I highly recommend them for anyone looking for a professional home remodeling company.

Becky Craig

Hiring FRED’ was the right choice. Thanks to them, I have a nice looking kitchen and living room now.  I am also considering some bathroom remodeling now and since they did such a great job previously I will definitely hire them again.

Daisy Diaz

FRED’s home remodeling contractors are truly highly skilled experts! I’ve never seen contractors so passionate about their job and willing to make their client’s satisfaction a priority. I recommend hiring them for any remodeling in Chicago.

Emanuel Perkins

I have chosen FRED because my brother once used their services and was very satisfied with them. After calling them and having them estimate the costs of the job, we scheduled a bathroom remodeling job. Now that they are finished with my bathroom, I can finally understand why my brother was so satisfied with their services. Truly amazing home remodeling company from Chicago.

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