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If you want the best kitchen tile installation or bathroom tile installation in all of Chicagoland, Fred has got you covered! From bathroom to the kitchen, and everything in between, Fred’s tile contractors are well known for beautiful, high quality tile installation Chicago homeowners will adore. Whether you are looking for ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, slate, marble, or stone, our tile installers has an amazing variety of kitchen and bathroom tile installation that you are sure to love.


The Purpose of Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Installation

Fred’s tile contractors are well versed in the kitchen tile installation in Chicago. Our tile installers are well versed in both flooring and kitchen backsplash tiles. Backsplash installation can add a splash of color to an otherwise dull kitchen. Backsplashes also help protect your walls from grease or oils that may spray onto your walls during the cooking or preparation of meals. Likewise, kitchen tile installation on floors protect your floors from liquids that are dropped or spilled. Tile floor installation allow for an easier cleanup than wood floors. The décor of kitchens varies immensely from home to home. Choose from Fred’s array of tile installation colors and styles.

Choose well skilled Tile Contractors For Bathroom Tile Installation in Chicago

Bathroom tiles are another extraordinarily popular tile installation type. The reason for this is due to the amount of water your bathroom is exposed to on a daily basis. Between the sink, toilet, and the shower or tub, water exposure is inevitable. One place that people often forget about bathroom tile installation is in the shower! If you have a standalone shower, the floor and walls can both be tiled! Even in combination bathtubs and showers, shower tile installation can be used on the walls. Fred has a wide variety of stylish bathroom tiles. You are not limited to white tiles alone. Tile installation can really spruce up your bathroom!

If you or someone you know needs professional bathroom tile installation in the Chicagoland area, call Fred. Our tile contractors have years of experience in every area of tile installation. Don’t just pick the same old, boring tile. Let Fred tile installers assist you in making your home’s tiled rooms affordable artistic masterpieces.


Kitchen & bathroom backsplash tile installation cost in Chicago

If you are looking for a tune up for your bathroom or kitchen, have you ever considered getting a backsplash tile installation? So what is a backsplash? A backsplash provides a vertical extension, visually, to a bathroom or kitchen counter. It is usually made from tile, and it protects the wall from unintended splashes of liquid, such as water or grease splatters. Kitchen backsplash tile installation makes clean up much easier and prevents damages to your wall! However, they are also a great option to provide a splash of color to your wall!

The cost of your backsplash installation can vary depending on a variety of factors. For the best estimate, contact a company providing kitchen tile installation and bathroom tile installation in Chicago. Most backsplashes are created from tile, with glass mosaic tiles being the most popular choice. The cost will vary depending on the type of tile you use and the size of your backsplash. Other costs include the cost of services from your local company. A typical backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom could cost $800-$1,000. This cost will include the tiles, other materials, and the labor associated with installation.

When finding tile companies to complete your backsplash installation, look for qualified tile contractors. They provide kitchen tiles installation and bathroom tiles installation Chicago homeowners can trust. Most tile contractors will also provide a free estimate for your backsplash installation job. Be sure to know your desired budget and you can find a tile selection that is both affordable as well as aesthetically pleasing to you and your family.

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